about me

hello, my name is megan.

am swept away by the love of Jesus Christ. my sweet husband ty is one smart man and a talented musician. when he is not working he is either studying seminary or strumming his guitar. here is his blog.

creating is my favorite whether cooking, baking, sewing, painting, or working on my latest diy. i am in the process of learning how to crochet, knit, and quilt. got to learn sometime! 

why "happy the home"?

i recently heard this hymn at church and ty and i both wholeheartedly agree that this is the type of home we want to have.

happy the home when God is there,
and love fills every breast;
when one their wish, and one their prayer,
and one their heavenly rest.

happy the home where Jesus' name
is sweet to every ear;
where children early speak his fame,
and parents hold him dear.

happy the home where prayer is heard,
and praise is wont to rise;
where parents love the sacred Word
and all its wisdom prize.

Lord, let us in our homes agree
this blessed peace to gain;
unite our hearts in love to thee,
and love to all will reign.