Wednesday, March 5

March Goals

Since the first trimester of this pregnancy is behind me and I am beginning to feel like my normal self again, I would love to start doing these monthly goals posts (and get on a more regular blogging schedule).

When 2014 began, my mind and heart were in so many different places. My family was dealing with and struggling through the declining health of my beloved Mimi. I was dealing with on and off all day "morning sickness", but thankfully it was much better this pregnancy than last. Oh and throw in the crazy (and out of the ordinary for the south) snowstorms that caused school to be cancelled (my husband is a christian school teacher) and us to spend days cooped up in our home at time. Roll all that into one and you have our January and February.

Now March is here. Which is insane because it feels like we just rang in the new year. Now that life is settling down, I am ready to start setting a small list of personal goals each month for the rest of 2014. I love this idea primarily because I love making is really a problem. I also believe it could work better than making a whole bunch of resolutions in January only have failed miserably by mid February.

1. Make a spring wreath because our front door has donned the same wreath for the past 2 years. Yikes. Needs to happen. Seriously.

2. Make "He is risen" banner to prep for Easter in our home.

3. Find Micah an easter basket and sew a liner for it. Because Pottery Barns ones are cute yet not in our budget. So I will be on the hunt for a easter basket similar. 

4. Read two books. For Lent I have decided to not mess with my cellphone (social media especially) after 7 p.m. each evening to allow for a more intentional evening for my family and myself. So I think two books attainable goal. We will see though. The only exception is for online community group meeting(s) or The Influence Network class I have signed up for this month.

5. Find ways to stretch our money a little further. Whether signing up for a CSA, keeping up with my Target Cartwheel app (I always forget about it), or looking into a membership for a wholesale club. 

I'm excited for March and not only because spring weather is (hopefully) on its way. 

What are your March goals? I would love to hear them!

Grace to you all! 

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Jessica Sliman said...

Oh, it's funny to hear you mention Target. One of the goals I didn't blog about was just to stay out of there! Even if I use coupons and Cartwheel, it's SUCH a temptation for me. I spend way too much :)

Elisha Kemp said...

A banner and easter basket. Love those! :)

jennifer visser said...

I love these goals! Very attainable and fun too! :) I'm hoping to do more reading this month as well.. and making a spring wreath?? Oh how I'm longing for spring these days.. it's been a harsh winter up here!

Nadine said...

Yay your site works for me today! WOOT! :)
How do you hang your wreaths? Now I want to make one for my front door - that seems like such a good idea.

Anne Hill said...

love the idea of doing monthly goals! much more attainable than big yearly things!

Stephanie Johnson said...

I am praying you are enjoying reaching you monthly goals and having a smooth pregnancy! Congrats again! Would you be interested in swapping blog buttons with me? if so shoot me an email! would love to hear from you!

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