Monday, December 31

favorite posts of 2012


becoming mabel said...

beautiful blog! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!

happy new year :)


Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x

Cassidy Robinson said...

Just found your blog... and had to comment, because.... well I have a little Micah too!! :) And his middle name is Jordan. I think we're meant to be blog friends. :) Love your space here!

Blair @ Wild & Precious said...

yay!i love round up posts!! oh and LOVE birth stories!!!

on a side note, -- we are taking Q&A for Emily Freeman on #thesamepage's final link up today. would LOVE for you to come leave her a question in the comments. can be about anything. hope you are still enjoying the book!

hope your new year is off to a great start!!

meg @ pureandsimpleblog said...

Love your first vlog - so good!

Rachel said...

I nominated you the Leibster award on my blog!

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