Saturday, December 29

a glimpse into our christmas

christmas eve was spent:

+baking christmas goodies (this year i made oatmeal crispies & pistachio craisin cookies).
+dressing up baby boy in his cardigan and bow tie.
+traveling to nana & paw paw's.
+eating lots and lots of yummy food.
+opening presents.
+traveling to mimi's for our traditional Christmas eve german meal and dessert.
+listening to mimi share stories of her childhood.
+wearing new christmas pjs from my mom.
+reading luke 2 as a family before bed.

christmas day was spent:

+waking up with family.
+opening presents.
+watching baby boy enjoy his new presents.
+eating orange rolls.
+traveling to my in-laws for our annual christmas day brunch.
+opening more presents. (seriously blessed).
+traveling back to my thankful our families live so close to each other.
+playing just dance on the ps3 move with my siblings and cousins.
+saying "look at our cute baby" continuously.
+singing karaoke with the whole family.
+munching on christmas h'ordeuvres all day.
+sitting down for supper at a table of 16 loved ones and friends.
+savoring each bite of my mom's chocolate banana coconut creme pie.
+watching a movie with the family at the end of a wonderful christmas day.


Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

Oh my goodness, Micah is so cute. I love his face on Santa's lap :) I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas with your sweet boy!

Brittany Z said...

love his little cardigan & Bow tie. Little boys are so fun to dress up! Also, love your mantle! Merry Christmas!

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