Wednesday, November 21

micah [9 months old]

here, i am late again on these posts. he is now 10 months old. but better late than never.

9 month old micah james likes:
+dancing and clapping his hands to music.
+any food we give him. he has never batted an eye at any food we have given him.
+crawling at warp speed. literally this child is a bullet.
+smiling at strangers at the grocery store. he is a hit were ever we go.
+seeing daddy on facetime. and saying "da da" with a big smile.
+wearing hats. i am seriously surprised he keeps them on his head.
+chewing on baby pumpkins.
+going to the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch.

9 month old micah james doesn't like:
+sitting still while getting his diaper changed.
+for awhile he was afraid of a stuffed world pillow and his light up dancing dinosaur...but with a little exposure therapy he has warmed up to them and now loves them.

it is crazy to think that he has been with us for as long as he was in my belly. what a wonderful 9 months it has been. sweet baby boy, you make my job easy. your joy is contagious. daddy and i are so in love with every little bit of you.

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tmack said...

hey there! I actually found your blog via twitter..
I'm a jesus loving mama with a sweet 6 month old boy. Micah is precious, and I'm glad that I can now follow along with you :)

Teressa @

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