Tuesday, October 2

thankful tuesday (week 21)

wow, it has been a week since i last updated.

are you loving my new blog design? because i am. thank you to danielle burkleo for doing a fabulous job. she was so fun to work with and highly recommend her.

and have you notice that i have a new domain name too! 

it has been a crazy couple of days, but i am so glad to finally have a second to sit down and write out some blessings i am thankful for today.

today, i am thankful for:

+ that when we said goodbye to my cousins and aunt on sunday we were able to say "see you soon". it makes saying goodbye a little easier. just a tad.

+ for sweet baby snuggles. despite an nasty low grade fever (brought on by teething) for baby boy.

+ that the nurses at the pediatricians office don't laugh at me when i call every so often just to see what i should do my little hot pocket (baby).

+ prayers and encouraging works from friends and family.

+ new opportunities for the future.

+laughing with my husband. seriously the best ever.

+that my dying macbook allowed me just enough time to write this post before the spinning rainbow of death took over. and the possibility of a new computer soon.

+sweet comments and encouraging emails from followers.  ya'll truly bless my heart.

+and of course, i can't forget that influence is in t-minus 9 days!!! 9 days, ya'll!!

happy tuesday, everyone!

**there are still some things that are under construction over here. so bear with me as things are slowly but surely taking shape.

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Annie said...

i love your new blog design! danielle did an amazing job! :]

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