Tuesday, October 16

micah [8 months old]

every month,  this child still keeps growing. as many times as i have told him...to stop growing so fast he doesn't listen.  it goes by crazy fast. but it is still so very sweet to watch him grow, develop, and learn more about the world around him. 

8 month old micah loves:
+food. he loved everything he has tried.
+to stick his tongue out (feeling his little teeth).
+to stand and pull up on everything. he thinks he is a big kid.
+to clap his little hands. (he has quite understood that his hands need to touch each other, but he gets the concept) it's a "silent" clap.
+to dance to music.
+wave hello and goodbye.
+bath time with daddy.
+the new ergo baby carrier. mommy loves holding you close too.
+sitting up like a big boy in restaurants and in grocery carts. 
+making silly faces.

8 month old micah doesn't like:
+loud cheers at taco mac. we were there recently to watch a sports game and he lost it when everyone cheered.
+teething. which includes low grade fevers, a running nose, and aching gums. but he is a champ.
+staying still. mommy feels like she has wrestled an alligator after changing his diaper.

a little bragging, micah did phenomenal while i was gone at Influence. he slept through the night for his daddy, gramy, and nene. he took crazy good naps and was an all-around well adjusted little babe. i am so proud of him, but mostly thankful for the Lord being sovereign over my first time away for my baby.

micah james, you are a blessing. you and your fat little feet.

tomorrow,  i will be linking up with some fellow influence conference attendees for my personal recap. to be honest, i don't know how i am going to put it all in words. and i'm still processing the "amazingness" of it all.

happy tuesday!


brittany z said...

Such a cute baby! Glad to hear he did well while you were at Influence. I'm planning on making a set of onesies for a friend of mine who is pregnant as a gift. Did you make the numbers or buy them pre-made?

Lyndsay said...

This kid is totally adorable! :) No wonder you were missing him so much :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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