Tuesday, September 25

thankful tuesday ((week 20))

on this tuesday morning in late september i am thankful for:

+the changing seasons. we got to spend the first day of autumn in the mountains. nothing better.

+our trip to helen, georgia. eating yummy german food with my family. buying fresh german soft pretzels at a local bakery.

+my beautiful mimi. she is out of the hospital and at home. there were some really hard and dark days in last month. praising the Lord for his intervening. and continuing to pray for complete healing for her back.

+ seriously, there is 15 days till influence. gah!!! pure craziness.

+a new day after a long night with a teething baby.

+extra cuddles with my sweet pitiful baby boy. he even fell asleep on my chest the other night. my mommy heart was swoooooooooning!!!!

+ hot tea and delicious oatmeal. my morning staple.

+ my sweet husband. challenging me and loving me more and more each day.

+our "new" butcher block island in our kitchen. warms up our little kitchen. love it. thank you, mom & dad.

"All earthly delights are but streams. But God is the ocean." Johnathan Edwards


Chelsea said...

So glad to hear that God is at work in your mother's life! I can't imagine how difficult it has been.

I LOVE kitchen islands!

I can't believe Influence is SO close!! Ah!
hope you have a wonderful week, girl!

Iris said...

Do you call your mom MIMI? If you do...I do too! :) Glad I found your blog. What I've seen is so sweet and refreshing!

Jess Judkins said...

I am on a morning oatmeal kick as well! I hope your baby feels better soon, teething is the pits! When Judah was in really bad pain the Hyland teething tablets worked really well :-)

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