Thursday, September 20

our love story ((engagement))

september 22, 2007

i woke at my friend's house after we had partied it up the night partied it up i mean, eating raw cookie dough, laughing our heads off and watching "win a date with tad hamilton" for the ten thousandth time.

ty called me to check in and said that he wanted to spend the day together. i didn't think anything about it. it was a saturday and we spent basically all our saturdays together, but he had something up his sleeve.

he said that we should head up to north georgia for the day. i gladly implied because it was september and the leaves were changing to autumn hues.

i got ready not know that later that evening i would be staring at my new engagement ring on my finger.

we decided to drive up to amicacola falls. as we drove we stopped by a local pumpkin patch where i bought some pumpkin-y things and an apple orchard where we picked out some apples fresh off the branches. definitely turning out to be a fabulous day in my book. little did i know it was about to get a gazillion times more fabulous.

we arrived at the falls and decided to start the 425 step trek up the falls. once at the top we decide to walk around because ty insisted that we find the perfect stop to spread out our big blue blanket and have a little picnic with the apples and other snacks we had brought.

walking up the falls.

the whole time ty had been carrying around his camera bag. with the ring hidden inside.

i would point out a spot and ty would decline because it wasn't private enough. we finally came to a spot at the bottom of the falls by a river. we laid out our blanket and sat down exhausted from our hike up and down the falls.
us on our blue blanket by a quiet little creek.

2 quick tidbits: 1) ty and i had spent most our saturday mornings at a local breakfast place studying the Bible together. we had been discussing ephesians week by week, chapter by chapter. 2) ty had told me very early on our relationship that he was not going to tell me he loved me till he could follow it up with a promise (i.e. engagement). he wanted to guard my heart and his. i will tell you it was hard a times...not hearing those words, but he did a great job of showing how much he loved me even though he was waiting to tell me when the moment came.

back to the engagement story: after claiming our spot, we got out our freshly picked apples and other locally made fall treats and cracked open our bibles. We picked up right where we had left of in the book ephesians, chapter 5.

ty took this picture before "he put a ring on it".

little did i know that this passage was the perfect passage for us to read right before ty was going to propose. as we read through the chapter verse by verse we came across these verses:

as we finished reading through the chapter, ty told me that he wanted to read me a letter that he had written for me. i am not going to share the letter because there are some things need to remain sacred. but, it was the sweetest letter ever writtern. ever. he had shared what he loved about me. and how grateful he was that the Lord brought us together. and he ended the letter with...

megan, i love you. 

oh my gosh. i had been waiting to hear those words for so stinking long. and then i thought...wait...something else is coming. and then there he was reaching into the camera bag to get a little red box. then he popped up on to his knee and asked me to marry him. 

(forgive me for the blurry picture)

and i said, "shut up!" i did. i was just so surprised. and then i followed with..."I love you!! YES! of course!"

giddy and calling friends and family.

on our way back home we talked about wedding stuff. and i told him that i wanted to walk the aisle to "great is thy faithfulness" as a testament to the Lord's constant faithfulness to me and to us. he just smiled and happily obliged.

what a great day. i am smiling ear to ear as i recount it all. 
i am so grateful to the Lord for his great faithfulness. 
his faithfulness through my singleness.
his faithfulness through our whirlwind dating days.
his faithfulness through our engagement.
and how faithful he has been through our 1631 days of marriage.

i am not going to lie, marriage is tough. but there is no other man i would rather be on this journey with than my sweet tyson james. he fills my days with laughs, silly songs, wisdom, leadership, and a christ-like love.

the Lord is good. great is his faithfulness.


Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

This is so sweet! Your ring is beautiful too :) I love how this story shows what an honoring husband you have.

jennifer. said...

wow. so precious! what an awesome and sacred story for you both to reminisce over! and i totally agree with mackenzie. what an amazing example of a Christ centered relationship!

Ashley said...

I love your story! God is so faithful!
-ashley said...

Love it! Beautiful story...beautiful location...and awesome God who brought you two together!

Morgan said...

Such a beautiful story and engagement!

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