Wednesday, September 19

micah [7 months]

7 months...goodness gracious.

this month, sweet baby, you were constantly on the go. you learned to army man crawl. and you took off and didn't look back. you even started to pull yourself up on your own. which mommy was not ready for...and thus, we lowered your crib mattress. you are a such a ham wherever we go. everybody just raves about how sweet, handsome, and cute. and of course they have to thrown in that you didn't stand a chance with having red hair based on your mommy and daddy's hair color. your daddy and i are so proud of your red hair. you are one beautiful baby boy.

7 month old micah loves:
+riding around in your stroller like a "big boy"
+the nursery at church. again everyone loved you.
+prunes, peas, peaches, & pears.
+filling up your diaper while you eat. which is hilarious to watch.
+stratching things. filling different textures.
+banging your hands on the table.
+scaling pillows that mommy strategically placed to keep you from hurting yourself.
+using mommy as your own personal jungle gym.
+laying on your back and banging your feet on the wall.
+sitting in the grocery cart and in a high chair like a big boy.
+gabbering: ma ma ma, da, ga ga, & ne ne ne.

7 month old micah doesn't like:
+staying still during diaper changes
+staying still. although you were a champ again on our roadtrip to the beach.
+loud noises. you cling tight to mommy or daddy when you hear something really loud.

mommy's favorite new thing that you started this month: you have begun to "give" kisses. you open your mouth wide and plant it on my cheek. you only do it with mommy right now and mommy looves your wet slobbery kisses.

this month by far was the hardest with the whole picture thing. you just don't like staying still for like a second. next time daddy is going to have to be here for back up.

you have captured our hearts, sweet boy.


happy 7 months! mommy and daddy love you so!


Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

There is some serious cuteness going on over here! He is quite the charmer, I'd say. I think he and Nicholas would be buds :)

Kelli said...

what a sweetie! he's so cute :) said...

Stopping by from Twitter...what a sweet little bundle of joy and blessings! A dear friend just had a beautiful little girl with red hair, and seeing yours too has me convinced that I need a redhead! Maybe the next :)

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