Monday, August 6

weekend recap

this weekend...

this happened. no this isn't happening. mommy in denial.
how is it even possible that we are already at this stage.
we officially have a rocker.

celebrated baby boy swift with sweet friends.
micah can't wait to meet his best friend.
doesn't jenny have the cutest little baby bump.
we played baby shower charades...i had to act out romper.
and i might have started to cry when i saw the teeny tiny newborn clothes.

cleaned my house like a mad woman.
now...i can dive into getting organized like i said i was going to here.

oh yeah, and watched the olymics.

my 25th birthday is next week. crazy.

happy monday!


vintage grey said...

What a fun and sweet weekend!! Precious photos!! Have a beautiful week! xo Heather

Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

Rocking - woah! Before you know it he'll be scooting all over. I'm right there with you, I cry when I see the teeny clothes and think of how little Nicholas used to be. And when is your bday?

Samara said...

That is the type of baby bump that I dream of!

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