Tuesday, August 7

thankful tuesday ((week 29))

on this beautiful yet humid evening in august, i am thankful for...

+my husband's awesome job. he went back to work yesterday and although i am sad to not have him around during the day...i am thankful he has a job that allows him to have the summer off and still get paid. 

+ an awesome opportunity for me to work from home. i am going to begin watching a 4 month old little girl 3 days a week. i am excited to have a little playmate for micah and i don't even have to leave my home. 2 under 1 is going to be work, but honestly i am so thankful for the opportunity and how the Lord lined it all up. it will prepare me for the future. ;)

+ encouragement from friends and family. knowing that i have people praying for me and the decisions i am making. 

+that my aunt and cousins are going to be back in the states for my birthday. they are house hunting in the bahamas right now because they are moving there in a couple of weeks. but they will be back for my birthday next thursday- yipee!!

+that i am going to a crazy good consignment sale this weekend. i am super nervous because there is going to be a ton of people there and i get seriously so overwhelmed in big crowds of people. plus it is a tax free holiday this weekend in georgia double the craziness! but i am on the hunt for some playroom toys.

+what a good eater my little man is...he loves peas, green beans, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and squash. up next maybe avocado and plums or pears.

my little bird// totally missed his mouth because i was trying to take a picture// that's more like it, mom.

happy tuesday!


Samara said...

That middle photo is hilarious! I bet the parents are equally as excited that there child will get the care they need AND have a play friend :-)

Dreamer Cous said...

HAHA those pictures are hilarious friend!!! =) =)
How cute!!! And how awesome the way the Lord just lined that up for you watching the little girl! PTL!
Much Love,


Amy Rogers said...

Oh! You have to share your experience about the consignment sale! I LOVE them, but like yourself I do not like big crowds at all. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award at http://faithhopeabound.blogspot.com/ :)!

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