Wednesday, August 1

micah [5 months old]

 oh the mommy guilt...
i am behind a month on the month by month update.
i blame it all on my camera cord and its crazy ways.

So next week, there will be another update for micah's 6th month.

Sweet noodle (mommy nickname of choice for you this month),

this was a big month for you, micah.
you learned so much and are so smart. one milestone after another.
you love to be with the people. daddy & i love watching your 
sweet personality come out. you have some very interesting quirks.
and have some of the most serious facial expressions. 

you keep us well entertained and laughing.
you went to chattanooga for the first time this month.
you were such a trooper in the car and in the hot heat 
as we made our way around the city.
we visited the moon pie museum and got you a onesie that says,
"mommy's little moon pie."

you truly are scrumptious, little one. 

5 month old micah james likes:
+chewing on his feet (or really anything that you can get in your little paws)
+laughing & smiling- such a happy boy
+rolling around like a little roly-poly
+grabbing at things
+chewing on sophie the giraffe

5 month old micah james doesn't like:
+stop lights once again.
+the hot hot weather.

mommy's heart hurts some times because this is all going by so fast.
 we are so very thankful to the Lord for entrusting you to us, sweet boy.
 you are a joy. 

love you so much our hearts could burst,
 mommy & daddy


Allie said...

what a little cutie!

vintage grey said...

What a cutie!! Such a handsome boy! ;) xo Heather

L said...

He is so sweet!!! What a precious gift you have there friend =)

Much Love!

alex said...

Aw what a cute baby!(: He is beautiful!

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