Wednesday, August 22

my first consignment sale

i went to my first consignment sale recently.

pure craziness, i tell you! 

i was so nervous.

but, i came away with so many great deals 
that i see many more of these sales in my future.

here is a picture of everything i purchased...

 toys, toys, and toys' galore.
i honestly can't say no to a good deal.
have buying all these toys i came home and price compared...
and i got some darn good deals on toys. 

my favorite outfit i bought for the babe is this...

precious. might be a front runner for his family pictures outfit.

and my favorite purchase of the weekend...

 micah's first converse.  (like new)
retail: $26 (ish) consignment price: $7!

all in all:

15 children's books
20 winter/fall outfits (carters, the gap, ralph lauren, etc.) 
((can you tell i am a sucker for my baby boy in stripes))
converse tennis shoes
gap red converse shoes
10 play toys.
foam puzzle playmate

i paid: $150 (give or take a few dollar bills)
retail: i can't even begin to estimate. alot!

pretty good for my first consignment sale experience.

**i am taking a break for blogging for a week.
spending some time finishing up some posts that have been waiting to be published
gaining some much needed inspiration and insight.


Rachel said...

I love consignment!And lately I am like a magnet for good finds!

L said...

Oh Megan!!! These are awesome!!! So proud of you!! =) =) Those converse are super cute! If the Lord blesses me with a boy someday I totally want to put him in converse LOL =) =)
Much Love! Happy blog break!

jennifer. said...

what awesome finds! i love consignment shops and markets like that! :) they can be so addicting for me. but what a great way to get awesome stuff while saving money!!
blessings on your wednesday!

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

I love a good sale! Never ever want to purchase new things when I know deals like this exist!! Just came across your blog and love it! I'm off to read some more posts. Have a wonderful weekend, sugar! xo

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