Tuesday, August 14

25 things i am thankful for...

because it is thankful tuesday and because i am doing "25 things" a day today, i decided to share 25 things that i am thankful for...

1. my Jesus, who loves me despite my failures and is still working on me.
2. my selfless, loving, hardworking, uber talented, and mmm good looking husband.
3. my sweet bouncing healthy baby boy who made me a mommy-a dream come true.
4. my parents. for their constant love all these 25 years. i seriously couldn't have asked for better.
6. my brother & sister. some of the coolest people i know.
7. ty's parents. the Lord sure blessed my socks off with those two.
8. my aunts, uncles, & cousins. love love love spending time with them. crazy fun times.
9. my grandparents. mimi and granma & granpa.
10. my life friends. beautiful inside & out. truer than true. authentic and sweet.
11. our church.
12. our house that we have made a home.
13. the Lord's daily provisions. healthy food, clean water, and a steady income.
14. modern conveniences. air conditioning, entertainment (in small doses) and warm showers.
15. our health. healthcare (as crazy as it all is). doctors that truly care about their patients.
16. sunrises. sunsets.
17. family time. deep thought provoking conversations and silly storytelling.
18. date night. out on the town or snuggled up on the couch.
19. the occasional pedi & mani. a new coat of shiny nail polish.
20. handwritten notes. written by my love or by a sweet friend.
21. thumbing through a new magazine in peace and quiet.
22. clean crisp bed sheets.
23. the excitement of cooking a new recipe and the joy it brings me when ty says it was delicious.
24. sweet baby rolls. wet baby kisses. and soft smell good baby skin.
25. another year. another trip around the sun to make memories and to learn/experience new things.

for these and many more things i am thankful.
thank you, sweet Jesus, the giver of all good things.

happy tuesday, all!

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