Thursday, August 16

25 things: accomplishments

today, i'd like to think that i have accomplished a lot of things in my life so far. so here are 25 things that i have done and accomplished in these past 25 years...

1.married my man, tyson james on april 5, 2008.
2. gave birth to my baby boy, micah james on january 17, 2012.
3. graduated college with 3.6 gpa (i blame math for not getting a 4.0) in december 2010.
4. traveled internationally.
5. traveled by myself a couple of times. it's fun!
6. bought a house.
7. attended 3 different schools. 1 public, 2 private.
8. had major surgery.
9. labored au natural for 16+ hours, then had to have a c-section (see above). birth story here.
10. voted "sweetest" for senior superlatives.
11. graduated high school in 2006. was in the beta club, but never knew till graduation.
12. interned at a crisis pregnancy center.
13. worked retail, ministry and childcare.
14. went to trinidad as junior. life changing trip!
15. went to guatamala in 2009 with my husband, best friend, and her brother.
16. visited NYC and did inner city missions.
17. was a small group leader for 7 years to junior high and high school girls. so many good memories.
18. was "homeless for a day".
19. cheered for 6 years middle thru high school.
20. coached cheerleading after high school.
21. attended passion conference 2007.
22. volunteered with countless non-profits. some of the best and eye opening experiences.
23. went on countless trips with my youth ministry both as a counselor and as student.
24. conquered my fear of the ob/gyn, needles, and shots. pregnancy will do that to you. you are constantly poked and prodded. now if i could only get my blood pressure to chillax when i am at the doctors office. mind of matter, megan.
25. learned valuable lessons in faith, love, and friendship.

lastly but certainly not least, i would not be who i am today with out my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Anything good in me is Christ. i have made many mistakes and had many failures in my 25 years of life, but i am so grateful for the grace and mercy of Christ to me despite my shortcomings. praise the Lord, he is not finished with me yet.

spending the day with family.

happy thursday!

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jennifer. said...

what amazing accomplishments! i am so thankful you are a sister in Christ and i am super excited to meet you at influence!! :) :)

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