Monday, August 13

25 random things about me...

because i am turning 25 on thursday...i decided i wanted to do something fun for the week of my birthday. so everyday i am going to share 25 things. everyday a different theme. it kind of weirds me out that i am turning 25 because it seemed soooo far away. not anymore.

 today, i am going to share 25 random things about myself...

1. in junior high, i once said i would never marry a redhead (because i thought two redheads would clash...but praise God that he had a bigger plan. we don't clash at all. and now we have a red headed baby. :)
2. my current obsession is organizing. 
3. i wrote journals to "my future husband" throughout high school and gave them to ty on our wedding day.
4. we almost went on staff with crusade right after we got married, but God had different plans.
5. i sometimes miss high school. note the "sometimes".
6. i hate sad movies. the end.
7. i did gymnastics till i was 8 and wish i would have stuck with it.
8. i love me a big fresh salad with all the fixings. i am a veggie lover- minus mushrooms & olives.
9. my first car was a red jeep cherokee.
10. i love playing nintendo 64. especially mario 64 and super smash brothers.
11. i had braces from 5th grade to 10th grade.
12. my best friend and i have been friends since we were 3. he are kindred spirits and life friends.
13. ty and i met in college. i was a freshman and he was a junior. so glad the Lord let our paths cross.
14. i have been to trinidad & guatamala on mission trips.
15. now that i don't see my ob/gyn every month...i kind of miss her.
16. i was a girl scout from 1st grade to 3rd grade.
17. i was born in denver. but,  my parents moved to atlanta when i was 2 weeks old.
18. i am terrible at math besides basic addition, subtraction, division, & multiplication i am lost.
19. i was captain of the varsity cheerleading squad my junior year.
20. kindergarten-3rd grade i went to public school. 4th grade-11th grade i went to private christian school. 12th grade i went to a christian hybrid school.
21. ty was my first and only boyfriend.
22. i like my water room temperature. please and thank you!
23. based on the five love languages: how i show love is gifts & words of encouragement. how i receive love is words of encouragement & gifts.
24. we hope to adopt one day, Lord willing.
25. i love being pregnant.

stay tuned for 25 more things tomorrow. 

happy monday!


Rachel said...

I had no idea you were from Atlanta!Small world! :)

vintage grey said...

Fun facts!! Wishing you a happy and blessed birthday! xo Heather

Amy Rogers said...

Loved these, Megan. The journals you wrote for your husband is a great idea, and I'm sure something he cherishes.

Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

Love this! It was fun getting to know you better. And though Nicholas didn't stay a redhead, yay for redheaded babies :)

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