Friday, August 17

25 goals for my 25th year

today, i am going to share 25 things that i want to do or accomplish in my 25th year! so here it goes:

1. keep up to date with micah's baby books and photo albums.
2. make a wreath for our front door for every season. 4 seasons. 4 wreaths.
3. knit a scarf.
4. see a musical at The Fox.
5. go a month without sugar. this is going to be super hard for me and my sweet tooth. and is not happening in october, november, or december. i will try to do it though.
6. go on countless date nights.
7. join a CSA.
8. decorate/paint at least 3 rooms in our house. kitchen, master bedroom, and foyer.
9. learn how to use my dslr well.
10. meet some blog friends in real life.
11. read more.
12. sew a piece of clothing. maybe this or this.
13. travel internationally.
14. host a dinner party.
15. go to a blog conference. :) hmmm...i wonder which one.  influence 2012
16. write more love notes to my hubby.
17. take a trip to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.
18. go media free for 24 hours. (could provide be very liberating) no email, twitter, t.v., music, etc.
19. go to the movies by myself.
20. be intentionally about memorizing scripture. i downloaded this app to help me.
21. take more pictures. of ty and i together. of our family of three. of our growing babe.
22. make homemade bread. maybe this recipe. doesn't it look delicious.
23. get a professional massage. seriously this is happening.
24. couch to 5k.
25. less of me, more of him.

had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating my birthday with my family. my mom made a delicious dinner of chicken piccata anc caesar salad. and then for dessert she made me an eclair cake. i was so yummy. i got some pretty awesome new jewelry from my mom and aunt, and some spending money. target and forever 21, here i come.

happy weekending, friends!


Samara said...

I went a month without sugar, once I stopped crying from withdrawals (seriously, three days...I was also going gluten and starch free also), it was great. So much more energy :-)

natandhim said...

Love your blog (especially loving the lists!). So happy i came across it :) Happy birthday!

Ariel Tyler said...

Oh how fun! What an awesome list! Glad you had a great birthday. :)

L said...

I love these goals =) And I CANT WAIT to see you at Influence!!! =) =)
We totally need to plan to eat together one night or something =)
Much Love!

Suze said...

Happy birthday!!! Just found you're blog! Which conference are you going to?! Love to get to know you more!

Halie Renee said...

I have a 25 Before 25 list as well! But my 25th birthday is coming up in January, so my time is almost up! I like some of your goals though. I'm already planning a 30 Before 30 as well, so I may steal some of your ideas here :)

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