Tuesday, July 17

thankful tuesday ((week 27))

"he enjoys much who is thankful for little"
thomas secker

i wholeheartedly believe that it is pivotal be thankful for even the little things.

On this thankful tuesday, i am thankful for...

+morning snuggles with my boys. 
+time with life friends.
+family dinner night.
+a handy husband. and a pipe that doesn't leak anymore
+good books.
+an encouraging message at church.
+silly baby faces after eating green beans.
+quesadillas and guacamole for lunch.

Waiting on a new camera cord for my computer...
can't wait to share some new pictures of our little family.
lastly, a certain redhead baby boy is 6 months old today...
excuse me as i crawl up into a ball in the corner.
this is all going by so fast.
happy tuesday!

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