Tuesday, July 3

thankful tuesday ((week 25))

on this hot tuesday in july i am thankful for...

+ my sweet mom. who's birthday is today. we will be celebrating her well today. she is reason that all my life i wanted to be a mommy. and now that i am a mommy i am thankful for her constant and selfless love.

+sweet baby rolls. (need i explain more)

+be able to spend the summer with my aunt and cousins. my cousin isabelle is on a month long trip to honduras. we miss her so much...but can i just say how much i love just knowing we are all in the same city.

+sweet emails from fellow bloggers. full of encouragement and authenticity.

+my sweet husband who is serenading me with silly songs and a guitar as i write this.  

+independence day. spending the day with family. going to micah's first 4th of july parade.

 "daily thankfulness is the catalyst for a grateful heart."
-living the surrendered life #shereadstruth

what are you thankful for today?

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Rachel said...

There is nothing better than baby rolls,no need to explain anymore to this girl!

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