Monday, July 2

mid-year resolutions 2012.

apparently today, july 2nd marks the middle of 2012.

with that said...

i like setting goals for some crazy way it makes me more excited to do mundane tasks like wiping down the kitchen counters and dusting the bookshelves.

i also love making what better than making a list of goals/resolutions for myself mid-year.

my 2012 new year resolution was simple. because i was about to jump full fleged into motherhood.

my 2012 mid-year resolutions:

1. make some extra money (for influnece) by doing stuff that I love crafting & re-purposing. i might even get a booth at some local craft fairs. gah...wish me luck!

2. implement simple habits that help me become a less stressed and happier housewife. i will let you know which ones work best for me. i am going to shoot for 7 simple habits (future blog post).

3. continue to meal plan. seriously, people this works. it makes going to the grocery store fun and less stressful...and it keeps me from spending too much money on stuff that we don't even need.

4. re-do my blog design.  so please excuse the coming progress.

5. make my own cleaning products. cutting corners and saving money.

6. i am loving the #shereadstruth bible plan we are doing right the surrender life. through these studies i have been learning how important it is to memorize scripture and speak truth to yourself throughout the day.

7. learn baby sign language...and start teaching the babe.

8. start making homemade baby food. ((excuse me as a crawl up in ball...we already at that stage!))

9. take more pictures. on my camera. on my phone whatever.

10. read this book.

cheers to the midyear!

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Kim said...

Mid-year resolutions, what a great idea! Best of luck with yours, they sound great! :)

P.S. Discovered your blog through #shereadstruth, are you loving it as much as I am??

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