Monday, July 16

((currently)) in our happy home

i have seen multiple girls (kim, moriah, kerri) do this on their blogs and i love the idea. 

i love documenting what is going on in my crazy little world. 

 currently i am, 

listening to: the elizabeth mitchell station on pandora during playtime and the jonsi station during dinnertime.

eating: hummus and crackers. prepping to make big salads for dinner for my husband who needs so roughage after his week of eating camp food.

drinking: water. also, i am loving la crouix coconut sparkling water. add it to limeade, cranberry or cherry juice = your own little summer mocktail.

wearing: short sleeve green v-neck and shorts. and my brand new necklace, thanks mom.

feeling: expectant. fighting discouragement and choosing to be optimistic. 

watching: sherlock. it is a BBC television show (1st season available on netflix). so good. it is sherlock holmes and watson solving crimes in modern day england. it is a fun new twist on an old classic. i just honestly love my BBC/PBS shows! also, giggling along with my family watching, duck dynasty.

needing: to go to the grocery store. being away from the house for a week is definitely cause for a major shopping trip. but i don't want to go out in this gross heat.

thinking: about how we have only one more week before my man has to go back to work for the school year. the summer has flown by. crazy.

enjoying: watching my baby try new foods. he loves apples. yesterday he tried green beans and wasn't impressed.

reading: the "prayer" youversion app reading plan along with the #shereadstruth community. i am about to download jessi's new ebook, "be quiet & say something" and honestly can't wait to diver right into it.

praying: for my sister and cousin who are both on international mission. jenna marie, my sister, is in belize with some students in her youth group and isabelle rose, my cousin, is in honduras for an entire month. praying for boldness, safety, and that God will do great things in and through them on their trips.

looking forward to a fun week with my sweet family.

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