Sunday, June 17

ty's first father's day

10 things i love about my daddy by micah james

1. he sings me songs all the time.
2. he gives me the best kisses (besides mommy)
3. he plays the guitar & piano for me.
4. he is the best at the superman hold.
5. he drums on my back and i love it.
6. he thinks i am so funny.
7. he lets me suck on his finger when i am really upset.
8. he reads me my bible. all though i like to eat it.
9. he takes the long way home so we don't stop at all the traffic lights.
10. he loves me so well. i can tell even though i am just a baby.

even though i am little, daddy...i still have lots of love for you!

to: my tyson james on your 1st father's day
from: your sappy & sometimes cheesy wife

it has been one of my greatest joys in life to see you become a father.
you love our baby boy so blesses my heart.
you are so patient and kind.
thank you making a little redheaded baby with me.
i could not have chosen a better father for my son & future children.
my heart is so full and i am so thankful that 
the Lord gave me you.

happy first father's day. 

faithfully yours, 


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