Friday, June 29

summer days & summer nights ((week 3))

 a trip to chattanooga national cemetery
left: my cousin cassidy that prepared me for my baby.
as i walked through the cemetery lugging micah around i was reminded
than years earlier i had done the same thing with cassidy as a baby.

right: my papi. miss his sweet soul. glad we will see him again one day.

left: sunshine baby
right: lunch @ the blue plate.

the riverfront.

 the moonpie general store.

how micah likes to travel. one leg in the air.

and sucking on his fingers.

how micah is spending his summer. chewing on his toes.

 how i am spending my summer. not really.
but we need clean clothes to wear.

 after nap snuggles with daddy.

micah likes to be the center of attention at wednesday night mexican.

our roly poly baby. rock n' rollin.

trying to enjoy our summer despite the 
hott (yes with two t's because it is that hott) heat.
trying to find ways to make memories but stay cool.

linking up to kacia's summer friday @ kacia + robot.


Mackenzie @ said...

I love his little leg sticking up in the air! Nicholas does that too:) These boys just have some personality!

Rachel said...

I just read on your info that you live in Georgia...I do too!What a small world!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ahh. loving that leg in the air! too cute!
can't wait to have your button on my blog. whoop whoop!

Sue said...

Wow...great pictures. Pictures help so that you will always be able to remember those moments!

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