Friday, June 15

summer days & summer nights ((week 1))

we are soaking up the summer for all it's worth. 

baby's first concert in the park
braves vs. yankees game
 feeding the babe in backseat between shopping trips

 afternoon snack at ikea

 visited the atlanta contemporary art center

 storm clouds over turner field

  silly daddy & cultured baby @ art exhibit

more to summer memories to make.

linking up with kacia + robot's summer friday.


Mackenzie @ said...

Glad to know that someone else feeds their baby in the backseat of the car :) I always get strange looks for people, even when I use a nursing cover :) How else are we supposed to get out! Loved this pictures!

Anne Beaumont said...

I can't tell you how many times I've nursed my baby in the back seat!!!! One trick I've learned for when they get to the point where they won't use the cover....dressing rooms, bathroom stalls with a seat and last resort, putting up the sunshades on windows so no one can see in :) Love your blog!

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