Monday, June 18

my sweet childhood.

i have many many many memories of my sweet childhood.
my husband seriously thinks it is crazy how much i remember about it.
i say i remember it so well because it was sweet.
the reason it was sweet was because i knew i was loved.
i knew i was loved because my mom & dad love me well.

some of the sweetest memories,
happened as my dad tucked me into bed at night.

i would say my prayers...
and then we had our little saying 
and it went a little something like this:

dad: out of all the little girls in the WHOLE wide world...
you know which one i would chose to be my daughter...

megan: ME!

followed by an "i love you" from daddy...
and a big kiss on the forehead.

yep, i had a pretty sweet childhood.

thank you, sweet daddy!

happy father's day.

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