Monday, June 4

micah [4 months old]

love that little lump of love.

4 month old micah loves:

+chewing his hands.
+grabbing his toes.
+listening to & watching daddy play the guitar...he just kicks constantly while listening.
+jumping in his jumperoo.
+eating rice cereal.
+ hi lovies.
+napping in his crib for 30 minutes ((sense the sarcasm)).
+playing on his tummy.

4 month old doesn't like:

+napping in his crib
+traffic and stop lights

we fall more in love with this little dude every day. he keeps us on our toes with his sweet personality. he is a very social baby...he likes to be where the people are. he gives the sweetest smiles in which his whole face lights up. he tried rice cereal for the first time this month and loved it...he didn't like it when i went took the spoon again to get more. he laughed/giggled intentionally for the first time this month. and let me tell you we spent the rest of the night doing the silliest things in order to hear that sweet sound again. 

he brightens our days. 

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