Friday, June 8

i have been encouraged...((on my heart))

lately i have been reading through journal entries that i wrote during my high school and early college years...and i have got to be honest and say that my younger self has encouraged my current self.

here is one entry that i found that encouraged me greatly...

I'll stay where you've put me; I will dear, Lord,
Though I wanted so badly to go;
I was eager to march with the "rank and file,"
Yes, I wanted to lead them, You know,
I planned to keep step to the music loud,
To cheer when the banner unfurled,
To stand in the midst of the fight straight and proud,
But I'll stay where You've put me.

The field is Your own, only give me the seed,
I'll sow it with never a fear;
I'll till the dry soil while I wait for the rain,
And rejoice when the green blades appear;
I'll work where You've put me.

O restless heart- beating against the prison bars of your circumstances and longing for a wider realm of usefulness- allow God to direct all your days. Patience and trust, even in the midst in the monotony of your daily routine, will be the BEST preparation to courageously handle the stress and strain of a greater opportunity, which may someday send! - Streams in the Desert

I long to do something great for my FATHER, but at times He just asks me to be surrendered. When we are surrendered, we are most useful. Oh that my prayer wouldn't just be "use me"...but "make me useable." That is when our GOD receives the most GLORY.

Oh Great God, be lifted high
Our lives laid down
YOURS magnified.

May you find encouragement through my words written a few years ago in my journal...I know I did.

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Megan Berkey said...

I did find sooo much encouragement in that. Thanks for posting. Found you through Casey's link up and am excited to follow along here. P.S. Happy the Home is one of my mom's favorite hymns and holds a special place in my heart. P.P.S. You have a ridiculously awesome name =)

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