Wednesday, June 20

first day of summer

as the lovely state of georgia 
welcomes the first day of summer with 90+ degree heat today...

i am going to welcome the first day of summer 
with some link love!

here are some yummy summer recipes i want to try...

smile monster's coconut cream popsicles.

here are some crazy awesome summer crafts i would love to try...

kelly hick's design: summer sandal makeover

la vie en rose's diy 20 minute beach coverup

sincerely, kinsey's double dose: summer shorts makeover

some summer etsy finds that have caught my eye...

i am patiently waiting on my birthday so i can add this 
(i might one in every color)

i definitely want to get this just friends yellow poppy garland headband
from much love, would pair perfectly with a summer up-do!

to be completely honest as i write this post...
this song is on auto replay in my head.

just keeping it real.

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L said...

HAHA I Love that you get high school musical songs stuck in your head. Im totally guilty of that too =) =) Thats AWESOME!!!
Much Love!

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