Wednesday, May 30

speed date ((blog style))

linking up with nicole over at this little momma.

here are some of the most random tidbits about me...

my husband was my first and only boyfriend. we dated for 9 months got engaged and got married on the 5th of april 2006. he also was my first kiss. so glad that i waited for the best.

i didn't get my driver's license till i was 18. i honestly wanted nothing to do with it until then...and i still really don't enjoy driving...but i do it because it is necessary.

my first pets were japanese fighting fish: the red one was barbie and the blue one was ken. and one day barbie was gone. ken ate barbie. i was five.

the women in my family call each other “broad”. i promise, it is an affectionate term. i was the "pregnant broad"...but now i guess i am back to being called the "young broad".

i am a homebody. i enjoy my alone time...going to the grocery store by myself is like a major deal now. it's like a mini vacation. starbucks and a leisurely walk around target.

i water down pretty much every kind of juice. it makes it not as sweet. cranberry juice and tad bit of water...but now it is using any kind of juice with pelligrino or la croix. seriously you have to try my new concoction limeade and coconut la croix.

i love being a mommy to a boy. he is like the best thing ever. i always thought that i would have a girl first because every one in my family had a girl first...but i broke the trend. and i am proud of it. that being said...i really do want to have a daughter one day. already got her name tucked in my heart.

i have a degree in non-profit administration. maybe i will use it one day...may not. we will see. 

i canNOT drink caffeinated coffee or tea. if i body loses it. shaking and a generally all over awful feeling. decaf for me, please.

i am a huge fan of the atlanta braves. military dramas. and ((hangs her head)) reality tv. 

i once broke a bottle of nail polish (in half) with my bare hands. i am strong…what can i say!

i crave french bread, cheese, avocados, chocolate chip waffles, and terra chips on a regular basis.

the shows that will forever be in my instant queue on netflix are: friday night lights, downton abbey, how i met your mother, the office, and saved by the bell.

my favorite psalm is psalm 145. so encouraging. read it and be encouraged, friend.

i am sucker for baby rolls, sappy hallmark commercials, and handwritten letters.

lastly, i just won this giveaway. score. i am thinking i might get this beauty.


Mackenzie @ said...

I loved getting to know you better through this post! I love that your family calls each other broads, that's pretty cute. I didn't get my license till I was 19, I LOVE being a mom to a boy, and although I don't have a degree in it, the last 3 years of my life I've been very involved in non-profit administration. Maybe we'd be friends in "real" life :) And YAY for winning Casey's giveaway, how fun!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

i'm a homebody, too :) i LOVE being home!!!

L said...

Girl!!! I too only dating my husband and married him. We had our first kiss at the altar.
I feel like youre a kindred spirit girl!!!
Much Love,

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