Monday, May 14

my mother's hands.

In honor of Mother's Day yesterday...

My mother's hands...

They held my little fingers when I was just a baby.
They have rubbed my back and tickled my ears.
They have bandaged cuts and bruises.
They have patted many babies backs in church nurseries.
Her hands have baked the most scrumptious desserts.

 My mother's hands have taken care of sick family members and friends.
They have fumbled through the pages of her Bible.
They have written words of encouragement.
They have scrubbed toliets and sinks.
Her hands have served food to the needy and
cut up for food for toddlers.

My mother's hands have stitched buttons back on to clothes
They have held my father's hands faithfully for 26 years.
They have traveled to Europe and Central America.
 They have planted flowers and wiped dozens of sweet baby bottoms.
Her hands have worshiped Jesus.

My mother's hands have held my hands
with great excitement on my wedding day.
They have held my hands in great anticipation
the day she first heard about her first grandbaby.
They held my mine strong during childbirth
and laid them on me in prayer before my Caesarean.
My mother's hand have held my newborn baby in joyous celebration.

My mother's hand been used to ministered to me, my siblings, my father,
the rest of my family, to countless friends, to infants and toddlers, and to many strangers.

My mother's hands are beautiful and she continues to use them well.

Some of those closest to me have said I have my mother's hands.
Oh how I hope and pray that I will use them well just like my mother has.
Billy Sunday, an influential american evaglialist, once said,

"There is more power in a mother's hand than in a king's scepter." 

I couldn't agree more.

Love you, Mom.

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Sarah Crisp said...

Wow! What beautiful words and how true they are. I too hope to use my hands with love and service as my Mom and Grandma's have! Thank you for allowing me time to reflect!

Sarah said...

WHAT A GORGEOUS POST! Happy mother's day :)

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

wow.... what a PERFECT post. i am always touched by my father's hands, too. thanks for the reminder! found you via the wiegands xo

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