Thursday, May 17

kitchen disaster...

we all have had one of them right...

that one time we have made something 
that we thought was going to be oh so yummy...
but ended up a complete disaster.

a meal that your husband will never let you forget.
a meal that you children will always bring up.
hopefully, it is something you laugh about now...
but the night that meal didn't work don't want to relive.

my kitchen disaster.

rachael ray's mediterranean steaks. 

oh those words make me cringe just thinking about it.

i have always been more than willing to try a new recipe.
and this one sounded good. 
so i went to the store and got all the ingredients.
then happily prepared it and set it before my husband of 6 months.

there is no way in the world i am going to share the recipe!

i will never forget my husband's face as he tried to choke his serving down.
so loving, yet so disgusted.

we look back on that night and laugh hysterically.
but, that night in that moment i wanted crawl into a hole and cry.
i had failed.
i want to make him a perfect meal...
and that meal was very short of perfection.

  i write this post because we have all had one of those cooking disasters.
it is what makes us all human. 

this recipe and cooking experience showed me i am not perfect. 
nor will i ever be perfect.

so today, i am delighting in the fact that i will never be perfect.
and the best thing about that is my God doesn't require perfection. 
 praise the Lord!

so with that I ask...have you ever had a kitchen/recipe disaster?
let's laugh together.


Mrs.Sanders said...

I don't know why I did this, but I DID...."grilled" steak on a George Foreman in my dorm room for my soon to be fiance ;) Luckily he married me anyway and I have never done this again! Just because it says grill doesn't mean it is LOL! It was like eating rubber :P

Wild and Precious said...

story of my life - i'm generally afraid of the kitchen. :) my hubs loooves to cook though. score!

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