Tuesday, April 17

still here! micah [2 months old]

yikes...it has been for ever since i blogged last.

i truly love blogging...life just happens and i don't get to do it as often as i would like.

this last blog hiatus happened because my computer charger bit the dust. so i had to order and wait on a new one. those babies aren't cheap.

now, that i am back...i have to update you on baby boy's 2nd month.

he turned 2 months old on march 17th...yes, he turns 3 months old today...but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

here are some pictures of our 2 month old, micah james!

i could eat him up.
he is such a blessing. i say it often. but it is true!

2 month old micah loves:
+music (of any kind)
+daddy's superman hold
+sneezing in 3's.
+sleeping in the car.
+holding onto mommy's necklace while he eats.
+cooing...and he has the sweetest little coos.

2 month old micah doesn't like:
+when mommy eats italian food. :(
+when mommy put lotion on his face.

our biggest prayer for this little man is that the Lord will give him a new heart one day!

happy 2 months, sweet boy!

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