Monday, April 30

my new mommy must-haves

1. what: Mother'slove nipple cream. why: do i really need to explain this stuff. nope...not going to. all i am going to say is that it helps. it really does help. and it is natural.

2. what: Jesus Calling. why: this devotional is short and sweet. it has blessed and continues to bless my soul. let the Lord speak to your heart as you read the sweet words while baby naps. i do and it ministers to me daily. 

3.  what: Penaten cream. why: for baby's sensitive bottom. you know in the movie, "my big, fat, greek wedding," how the father's one cure-all is windex. well, this is my family's "windex". it's from Germany. it is primarily diaper rash cream. however, it works wonders on zits, burns, dry skin, etc. growning up: me: "mom! i have a zit!" mom: "put some penaten cream on it!" baby has a red bottom...this stuff will clear it up asap!
4. what: Aden & Anais classic muslin swaddle blankets. why: light weight and soft. these blankets are the bomb. i had receive 8 of these amazing blankets at my baby showers...and i can't find one of them. (moment of silence for the lost and lonely blanket). no joke though these blankets are amazing. wrap them around baby. wrap them around you as you breastfeed (they are big).  cover baby's carseat when you go into the store so people won't shove their pesky hands in your baby's newborn face.

5. what: Johnson & Johnson hand and face wipes. why: for baby's sensitive skin. newborn babies no matter how many times you give them baths... get funky stuff between their little fingers. these wipes help keep baby's paws and face clean.

6. what: Mother's Bliss gripe water. why: this stuff is something magic. it works wonders for baby gas bubbles and hiccups. it is safe. it is natural. it is basically ginger and fennel water. and micah loves the taste.

7. what: Camelbak water bottle. why: accessible for the nursing mommy. if you are nursing, you need to stay hydrated. (even if you aren't breastfeeding water is darn good for your body). this water bottle is constantly at my side. it is easy to throw in the diaper baby and carry around with you.

also if you have an smart phone, this app is oh so helpful. it has helped me substantially with tracking feedings, diaper changes, and baby's sleep. it is a great visual conformation that baby is eating frequently (and long enough) and getting enough rest. i give it 5 stars.


Mackenzie said...

I will definitely be trying that Gripe Water with my next baby, I didn't with my 5 month old, but I will next time for sure! I've heard a lot of good thigns about it. I also LOVE the Aiden & Anais blankets. This might be a random question, but are you considering going to the Influence conference that Casey Wiegand, Jessi Connolly, and Haley Morgan? I'm pretty sure that I'm going, it would be fun to "know" a few people there :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X

Katie said...

I love those aden and Anais blankets! They are the best for swaddling! And they're cute :)

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