Friday, March 2


a year ago,
we moved into our home.

a year later,
this is our prayer for our home and family,

Come, come in
Invade all You see of us
Any man, who'd walk Your road is welcomed here
And You're the only one

Jesus, come and walk the halls of this house
Tread this place and turn it inside out
With Your mercy...
Jesus, teach us the prayers that open these doors
Until Your light floods in and illuminates these floors
And let Your truth be on our steps and in these rooms
Jesus invade...

Reach, reach in
With the hand that heals all our suffering
Conquer all that is not of You
Bring Your spirit throught
As we fill these walls with Your praise

I call for angels
I call for mercy
I call for freedom
In the name of Jesus
In the name of Jesus

- lyrics by watermark

for our 1st year home anniversary,
i purchased this piece of beauty from naptime diaries.

our hearts are thankful.


Amy Powell said...

what a beautiful sentiment! I hope the next year is blessed.

thetwistedruffle said...

i love the print, and your wreath! i'd like to have both of them! and, congratulations on your new baby!

Jess Judkins said...

I adore that print!

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