Friday, February 10

micah [week 3]

I can't get over the fact this little boy is going to be a month old next week.
say it isn't so, he is growing way too fast.
he is putting on weight great...he is a fabulous eater.
he is getting little rolls on his legs and arms.

if you follow ty or me on instagram...every picture is pretty much of him.
he is just so darn cute.
and we are loving being parents to this little lump of love.
he is only this little once, so we are soaking it up and taking lots of pictures.

+ one of my favorite things ever is him failing asleep on my chest
with his head resting on his little folded arms.
+ sporting his faux hawk like daddy.
+ after his first official bath...ready for his first super bowl party.+ relaxing on the boppy.
+ stretching on the floor.
+wide awake for poppie.

next week, i am going to try and write out his birth story and try to post more than once.
i am just trying to be intentional with my time and love on him as much as possible.

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