Friday, February 24

Micah [1 month old]

this little boy is one month old.
i can't believe that a little over a month ago,
we didn't know him. we didn't know him and now we do
and we feel like we have known him forever.

sweet micah james,
you have blessed my heart so much.
i will never forget the joy that radiated out of me when
i saw your precious self for the first time.
you made me a mommy...
my dream come true.

i thank the Lord every day for you.
and me and daddy are so excited to see you grow...
just don't grow too fast.

we love the crazy faces that you make.
we love the way you hold and play with your little hands.
we love how you sleep on our chests...
with your head settled delicately on your folded hands.
we love your cute little personality.
we love watching you take in the world around you.

we love everything about your cute little self.

we are so in love with you, beautiful boy.
you have captured our hearts.
looking at you everyday reminds me of God's faithfulness.

love, mommy

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