Wednesday, February 29

the day before Micah...

the day before micah james was born will always be etched into my memory...
just like the day of his birth!

we had no idea that in just over 24 hours...
we would be holding him and in complete awe of our overwhelming love for him.

it was martin luther king jr as a school teacher ty had the day off.
we were looking forward to fun day of running errands, finishing up the nursery, and just spending time together.

we went to trader joes, target, michaels, and hobby lobby.
i went on a 1 mile walk around the neighborhood.
we went to dinner with friends.
we watched (mostly laughed and shook our heads in disgust at) the bachelor.

everywhere went that day, i got asked when i was which i replied..."in 10 days, but he come tomorrow and i would be perfectly ok with that!"

**the thing is that i had gone to the doctor the friday before and had no progress...NOTHING. no dialition, no effacement...the baby was not coming out anytime soon...or so we thought!

on our way to bed, we stopped by micah's nursery...just to soak in all the baby goodness...

and ty wrote a very special message on a chalkboard for micah. it read...

and boy did he listen. very obedient!

as we laid our heads on our pillows...little did we know that the Lord had chosen the coming day to change our lives forever and bless us with our baby boy.

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