Monday, January 2

one day at a time.

happy 2012!

this is it, people!

the year of the birth of our son!

one year ago, i started this blog and i had no idea what was in store for 2011.

what a great year it was. but i am so excited about what the Lord is going to do in 2012.

instead of making new year resolutions that will (probably) get lost in the midst of the craziness and sweetness of new motherhood...i am resolving to take one day at a time.

one day at a time. checking small tasks off my list throughout the day.

one day at a time. i think i work better that way anyways.

one day at a time. because there might be a day that get a ton done around the house...but the might be a day (or two) that i don't and just snuggle with my new babe. and that is ok!

one day at a time. as i wait to meet my baby.

one day at a time. resting in my God. delighting in Him and the passions He has given me.

one day at a time.


Amy Powell said...

happy new year! what a great way to start :)

and you look adorable!

Vanessa said...

Happy new year my sweet friend!

Sky said...

How cute are you two (three)!

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