Tuesday, December 20

pregnancy essentials

let me just say i love being pregnant! 
love, love, love it. 
here are some practical must haves that have been 
by my side through this pregnancy.

10 minute solutions: prenatal pilates. i loved pilates before getting pregnant and knew that pilates is was going to be my exercise of choice during pregnancy. to me it is super relaxing and actually very enjoyable.

carlson's very finest fish oil in lemon flavor. fish oil is so good for you, period. taking it during pregnancy no only benefits mommy, but baby as well. it helps with baby's brain development. and helps mommy's mood during pregnancy and postpartum. carlson's fish oil is a great choice because it is " fresh, fully potent and free of detrimental levels of mercury and 28+ other contaminants." to read more about the benefits of fish oil during pregnancy read this.

nalgene bpa free water bottle. mommy and baby needs at least 8 glass of water a day. and having a water bottle by my side has been a great reminder.

praying through your pregnancy. every chapter highlights what is happening in your baby's development and gives you prompts on how to be praying for your baby's development and their future. loved this book. it constantly reminded me that the Lord was in control...and all i needed to do is trust him.

the christian mama's guide to having a baby. great book. it was a gift and i loved it. check out the author's personal blog here.

chobani greek yogurt. mommy needs calcium. baby is constantly sucking all the nutrients out of mommy and taking it for itself (how cute!). so, mommy needs yummy ways to supplement her calcium intake. this yogurt is so yummy. try it you won't regret it!

cranberry juice.  helps fight against UTIs. those aren't fun. so combat them with cranberry juice. i normally just watered it down, because it was a little too sweet for my taste. also, there are cranberry pills that you can take if you don't want the extra sugar.

body pillow. help my ability to sleep semi-comfortable significantly. when your pregnant you are really only supposed to sleep on one side. no tummy. no back. your husband might get jealous of the silly pillow...but just remind him that if the body pillow goes...then you will be forced to wake him up during your uncomfortable moments (which is most of the night). hubby pillow resentment problem: fixed.

lastly, but certainly not least...this pregnancy has caused me to realize more than ever that the Lord is in control. every moment. every single thing. my baby. my body. me. our family. our futures. he is on his throne. he has it all in his hands.  this verse along with many other minister to my heart daily. some were written and put in places i look at daily. constant reminders of His great faithfulness.

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