Wednesday, November 16

the day that left us smiling.

May 27th.

the day we found out that the Lord had blessed us with a baby.
the whole day (before we found out) i felt soooooo tired and exhausted.
i was three days late...but did not want to get my hopes up.
but baby? was on my mind.
ty got home and begged me to take a test...
i reluctantly took one, set it down, and walked away.
2 minutes later...
ty comes up to me holding a positive test. smiling.
we both smiled and laughed. giggled really.
ty asked..."what now?"
we went to the drug store got more tests and prenatal vitamins.
retested (just to make sure) and smiled some more.
called the doctor made an appointment.
got ready for a rehearsal dinner.
sat through the entire rehearsal with our little secret growing inside of me.
ate a little more at dinner that night...
to make sure baby got all the nutrition it needed!
went home and got in bed and talked about baby.
went to bed smiling. full of wonder, thankfulness, a little bit of fear, and excitement.

four weeks later...we saw this precious little peanut on the screen.
the best part: the little flickering heartbeat.

we left the doctor's office oh so thankful and smiling.


melissa said...

Nothing quite compares to the excitement of knowing a little one is on the way!! Congratulations sweet friend.

Jenny said...

This is so sweet! What an incredible feeling it must be!

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