Wednesday, November 23

26 things i love...

today is my sweet husband's birthday! he is 26 years old today, so i thought i would share 26 things I love or am thankful for in my sweet Tyson James.

1. i love his love for our Lord.
2. i love his thirst for biblical knowledge and truth.
3. i love his musical talent.
4. i love his ability to sit down with the guitar or sit down at the piano and make a song on the fly.
5. i love that he records those (sometimes silly) songs to play for me over and over again.
6. i love how he makes me laugh. all. the. time.
7. i love his crazy love that he already has for our baby.
8. i love that he wants his own baby carrier so bad.
9. i love that he sings to my belly.
10. i love how he loves his family. and how he loves mine.
11. i love how much he teaches me about God's love and grace.
12. i love how he cares about his friends and my friends.
13. i love that he loves being a teacher. and wants so badly for his students understand Truth.
14. i love how he never meets a stranger.
15. i love how he compliments my cooking.
16. i love his red hair.
17. i love how amazing he has been to me throughout this pregnancy. so selfless.
18. i love that it is his birthday and all he wants to do is paint the baby's dresser.
19. i love the nickname game we play with each other.
20. i love his love for the church.
21. i love how silly he is.
22. i love how he encourages my heart daily.
23. i love how much he loves chips and salsa.
24. i love how sensitive he is to people who are hurting.
25. i love what a great steward he is with his time and money.
26. i love how he loves me. just as Christ loves the church.

he is seriously the most amazing man in the world. he blesses me so much. he is such an amazing gift from our faithful father.

i am honored to call him my husband. and soon to be father of my son.

happy birthday, my sweet man!

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