Saturday, October 8

22 & 23 weeks

baby related...
  • we have exhausting, yet super fun!
  • i am narrowing down decor/theme of the nursery.
  • getting excited about baby showers in the coming months.
  • craving chili cheese fries once again. haven't indulged.
  • craved dirt pudding...and my sweet sister made me some the other. delicious.
  • love feeling baby boy flip and twist around in my belly.
  • looking into birthing classes this week.
  • starting to search for a pediatrician. daunting.
other fun stuff...
  • made this for dinner on monday night. and it didn't let me down.
  • went to a local cheerleading competition yesterday...cheering on my husband's school. i am not going to lie...i loved every minute of it...and it took me back to some of my favorite moments of high school.
  • planning out our weekend plans for the next couple of fall weekends. including: camping (in an RV this time around) going to the pumpkin patch, picking some apples, and enjoying the sights and smells of my favorite season.
  • ty and i watched the documentary babies...and loved every minute of it. we just laughed and laughed the entire time.
here's a sneak peak for those of you haven't seen the cuteness...


Rebecca said...

What a cute blog you've got going! Love the recipes, and I'm ITCHIN to see that 'Baby' movie! I've heard a lot about it-precious. Thanks for sharing!

virginiamae said...

How cute are you!? =) Congratulations! I'm glad you're enjoying your pregnancy!

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