Thursday, September 22

20 & 21 week update!

How far along?: 21 weeks
Total weight gain: 12ish.
How much does baby weigh?: almost a pound. about the length of a carrot?!
Maternity clothes?: just pants.
Stretch marks?: nope.
Sleep?: hard to get comfy and waking up more and more throughout the night...guess i am getting prepared.Best moment this week?: ty finishing the baby's room! see pictures below!
Movement?: yes! we have a bouncing baby boy!
Food cravings?: ummm...fresh fruit. green apples and caramel. last week it was chili cheese fries...and i will admit i had some at the braves game. and they were so good!
Labor signs?: no!
Belly button in or out?: flat.What I miss: not much. i miss salads with blue cheese.
What I'm looking forward to: registering for the boy!
Milestone: finding out we are having a boy. total shocker. we were both thinking girl...but we are so excited to meet this little man!

here are some pics of the nursery.
i am so proud of my husband...he did it all.
and did it so well.

i texted ty yesterday and said my new morning routine is to get up
and then take a peek into our SON'S room!!!!
he does it too. :)
lastly, this day 4 years ago, September 22, 2007, ty asked me to be his wife.
praise the Lord that he brought tyson james into my life.

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Abi Fasciano said...

Having a baby boy has been THE biggest blessing of my entire life. You will have SO MUCH fun!!!

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