Friday, August 19

ty's obsession

what could it be...

found: here.

mexican food...more specifically chips & salsa.

on more than one occasion,
he has admitted to me he could eat mexican everyday of the week.
his mom and my mom both know that the way to his heart is through: chips & salsa.
when it is in the house and up for grabs...
he hovers over it along with his big cup of ice water.
if i say let's go out and "where do you want to go?" ...duh, mexican.
i will admit i like mexican food, but wednesday night mexican is enough for me. :)
if ty had two hopes for this little baby of ours they would be...
1. that the baby grows up in the joy of the Lord and loves Him with all his/her heart.
2. that he/she loves mexican food.

when i asked him the other day what his "daddy meal"
(the meal that dad makes when mom is not home...) is going to be...
well, ty thinks and then says..."nachos!"
ok, then!

gosh, i love him and his crazy obsession for mexican food and chips & salsa.

**why this crazy random post: he has been gone for the last two days
and i am thinking about all the things i love about him.

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Amy Rene said...

adorable :)
and I'm totally on ty's side on this one.

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