Thursday, August 18

birthday and 16 weeks

"that is my take this picture fast, ty" smile.

16 week and birthday recap...

doctors appointment.
got to hear the sweet little baby's heartbeat. 150 bmp!
got blood drawn...not my favorite.
my mom got to hear the heartbeat this time.
pre birthday dinner date with my man.
naps. naps. naps.
birthday lunch with my mimi and mom.
saw "the help". so good.
birthday dinner: chicken piccata and pasta made with love from mom.
fresh strawberry birthday cake baked with love from mom.
birthday cards filled with beautiful words of encouragement.
the birthday present theme for this year was things for the home. love.
good bye coffee date with a sweet friend who is leaving the country. :(
lunch date with rachael lee. always fabulous.
ty is out of town.
thus, i am staying at my parents.
getting used to sleeping on my left side.
feeling little flutters. crazy!
set up next doctors appointment. september 12...boy or girl?
bought some books for baby.
ordered this prenatal pilates dvd. love me some pilates.
doing some online shopping for maternity clothes. forever 21 maternity.

great birthday week!

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Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy said...

you are so cute! congrats lady on the big news!!

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