Wednesday, July 20

mid year resolutions...

i had new years resolutions...and i still wanting to keep them...but i want to add some little things to my list...

with me finishing up my job next week...i want to set some goals for myself as i transition in a brand new season of life.

1. i want to meal plan...plan meals for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. not every meal 7 days a week...but i do want to be more intentional about my grocery list and our menu. With ty's new job, i want to send him to work with yummy healthy lunches...and the only way to do that is to plan.

2. i want to set up a chores chart for mondays are laundry day, tuesdays & thursdays are vacuum days, wednesdays are bathroom days...etc. i have been doing this while at work and it has made cleaning and keeping some else's house so much easier.

3. read. i have this crazy long list of books i want to devour...but i am not intentional about actually giving myself time to sit, rest, and read. i love reading...but i think a love for reading only comes when do it often and you enjoy what you are reading.

4. and lastly, set up my craft needs to happen. and i will update the progress here.

i am person that needs structure. i thrive on being organized...i just have let it all slide for awhile and i don't like that.

so here's to my mid year resolutions...

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Jenny said...

I'm 100% with you on this! Having the week planned out makes me feel so much better and allows me to relax every now and then. Good luck!

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