Tuesday, July 19

thankful tuesday ((week 20))

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first off, i apologize for the lack of blogging lately. it has been awhile. a much needed break, but i have missed it. a lot has happened since my last post...the summer has flown by and my fabulous nanny has kept me busy.

because it is tuesday, i am going to pick back up on thankful tuesday...here are some things that i have been thankful for the last couple of weeks...

1. thankful for the vacation that we were able to go on over the fourth of july holiday. it was such a breath of fresh air. we spent time at the beach, eating, playing games, and maybe watching some of the casey anthony trial. don't even get me started on all that.

2. thankful for my job that has kept me on my toes this summer. as the kids go off to school starting august 1st (can you believe that?!?) i will be stepping aside as a new nanny will come in for their school year. these last few days with them will entail soaking up the last days of summer and my favorite: school supply shopping!

3. my husband's new job starts next week. ahhh! i am so excited for him! he is so excited! i look forward to taking care of our home while he enjoys his calling!

4. i am thankful that fall is not too far way. i am sorry folks but it is just to darn hot here. we had a break last week in the heatwave...but i am ready 70 degree weather.

5. i am thankful for my God's continually faithfulness and goodness. He always has a way of ministering to my heart at just the right times!

i am soooo sorry again for the break in blogging, but i assure you i am back! and super excited!


Malorie Elrod said...

Yay! I've missed your posts. Welcome back and enjoy your last few weeks of school supply shopping. I love shopping for school supplies too. ;)

"I love NY in the fall...makes me wanna buy school supplies..."

ps. Tell Ty Tim and I say good luck on starting the new job!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I have been WAY busy, too, as a nanny this summer. I can't wait for school to start but I have until August 24th to keep my kids entertained. :)

My blog and shop are suffering but I knew it was going to be insanely busy this summer!

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