Wednesday, June 1

it is june, people.

is it me or is 2011 flying by?!?!

here in georgia it is supposed to be 97 degrees today...that is hot!

you want to know what one of my favorite things is about the warmer weather of june...


today, i am just going to highlight what a quick and easy picnic meal...

1. grab a fresh baguette (or two) at the local bakery.
2. pick out some fancy cheese (brie, havarti, camembert, etc) and fresh butter.
**you could also dip your fresh bread in some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh italian herbs.
3. get some fresh fruit...go for the berries right now...blueberries, raspberries, or even some fresh picked cherries!
4. now for can grab your favorite wine or sparkling cider. right now, ty and i are on a pellegrino kick right now.
5. then throw it all in your picnic basket and head out to your favorite spot.

found on pinterest.

simply perfect.

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Erika said...

picnic sounds lovely. too bad it's only 56 here! blegh.

this weekend it's supposed to FINALLY get warm-- 76 degrees baby!

haha. :D if you ever need a break from humidity + heat-- Seattle is waiting for you :)

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