Tuesday, May 3

thankful tuesday ((week 15))

today, i woke up brimming with thanksgiving...
at the end of last week, ty was offered a fabulous job! a job that he is going to shine at. a job that he can look forward to and one that he can delight in. i am so excited for him. he deserves it.
we are so very thankful. and expectant.
here are my five things i am thankful on this thankful tuesday in may...

1. ty's new full time teaching job! he will be teaching bible (theology, new testament survey, worldview, and ethics) to high schoolers at a local christian school. and also he will be the varsity golf coach! i am now a proud teacher's wife! so proud!
2. spending the wee hours of the friday morning with my best friend. we had a smashing time watching the royal wedding together. memories made.
3. meeting my sweet christine for dinner tonight. she is moving. super sad...i have been in denial.

4. school is almost out which will make my job even more fun. summertime nanny. love.
5. funny tidbit: thanks to cinco de mayo, we will be eating mexican three nights in a row...but we don't mind it at all. bring on the guac, cheese dip, and salsa.

proud and thankful to be his wife.
and eat way too much mexican with him.

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